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Starbass weaves dark modern bass music and expertly-crafted production with cinematic & textural sound design to generate hypnotic music that transcends genre. 



Videos & Photos

Video for “Loves Little Curses” Shot entirely in my Tiny House in Boulder UT.

Starbass Live – Live shots from various shows


Starbass is the creative identity of DJ / producer, multi-instrumentalist, & performer, Steven Comeau. Originally from Toronto, Comeau was a successful electronic music pioneer in Canada, producing underground club hits and earning his spot on national dance charts. He now comes to you by way of Salt Lake City, his home base both for creating the original sounds of Starbass and also recording and producing music for other artists.

”Starbass is all about texture and emotion and painting a vivid cinematic soundscape. I try not to care about electronic music categories and make something that is rich with texture and detail, and is full of feeling. I aim to make music that is powerful coming out of a system at a club or a festival, but also has wonderful intimacy when it’s just you, your headphones, and your innermost thoughts.” –Steven Comeau

What People Are Saying about Starbass …

“Rips out the dark heart of electronic music, serves it on a smoldering pyre of brilliantly constructed songs. Starbass creates something new, unheard for far too long.” -Kriel, Mixmag contributing writer, London UK

“A perfect blend of noir, gothic overtones and modern bass. Stellar production and a great conceptual work from start to finish.” – Myagi – Pop and Lock Records – Canada

“This unique blend of introspective organic songs with an ethereal electronic technique is something I haven’t heard before. Great songwriting + impeccable production = ear candy.” -Syn.Aestetic, (The Hive) SLC, USA

“Minimalism at it’s finest” -Slug Magazine, SL,UT

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